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Slider-1 THE HELPING HANDS GROUP BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES Need Help? THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE CALL US ON 03 9108 1054 Our Business is the Ultimate resource for Micro and Small
Businesses offering Virtual Assistance, Business Software
Consulting & Tailored Software Training
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Admin Assistance?
WONDERING HOW A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS? BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY Call us today for more information or book a free 15 minute consultation with us! THE HELPING HANDS GROUP
Slider-3 Business Software, Unsure? Not sure about which software is suitable for your business, we can help you choose and implement the best software for your business WANT MORE INFORMATION SOFTWARE DILEMMAS, LET US HELP THE HELPING HANDS GROUP BUSINESS SOFTWARE CONSULTING Slider-4 THE HELPING HANDS GROUP TAILORED SOFTWARE TRAINING EXCEL, WEBSITE, EMAIL, CRM TRAINING CALL US 0425 635 334 Our tailored software training is for you, call us to find out
information or book your session today!
Do You Need Tailored
Software Training?
You're here because you are looking for help, right?

The Helping Hands Group is the ultimate resource for Micro and Small businesses in Australia.
Our combination of Virtual Assistance, Business Software Consulting and Tailored Software training provides businesses with everything from grass roots ‘grunt work’ to finding and providing you with the best systems for your business AND customised training on the software products you need!

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Need help right now? Great!

Feel free to call us at HQ on 03 9108 1054, use our Contact Us page to drop us an email, or use our booking system to have us call you a time that suits you best

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Virtual Assistance

There’s a big gap between what work a business needs to have done and what the business owner(s) should be doing. That’s where we come in! Find out how to add a Virtual Assistant to your business.

Software Consulting

There are over 10,000 software products out there that are aimed at small businesses. We’ll help you choose and implement the best ones for your business. Call to find out more about our consulting services.

Software Training

Do you need to know something or a few things about Excel, your Website, Email, CRM etc but you don’t have the time (or desire) to do a full course? Our Tailored Software Training is for you! Call Us to find out more information

Not Sure What You Are Looking For?

We offer a 30 minute introductory chat to help you determine whether the Helping Hands Group is the best choice for you. Why not book a time now that suits you best.

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